Embark on Your Journey to Financial Success

We understand that each financial journey is unique.That's why we've designed this Calculator.

This interactive tool helps you chart a personalized path to achieving your financial aspirations, whether you have a clear financial goal in mind or need some guidance on learning the potential of your investments.

By considering various scenarios and outcomes, you can effectively strategize with your advisor and make personalized decisions.

The calculator features two sections

I Know My Goal

Ideal for: Investors who have a specific financial goal and timeline.

Potential Future Balance

Ideal for: Investors who are uncertain about their financial goals and would like to learn the potential of their investments


1.  Select Your Section:

Choose 'I Know My Goal' if you have a clear target, or 'Future Potential Balance' if you’d like to learn the estimated growth of your investments.

2.  Input Your Details:

Fill in the required fields with your information. Whether you're setting specific goals or exploring your financial potential, start by entering your financial details. Enter your initial investment amount, your timeframe, recurring deposit preferences and average annual return.

3.  Explore Projections:

Both tabs provide dynamic visual representations and breakdowns of your 'Investment Growth Over Time', helping in your financial planning and decision-making: Potential Future Balance, Total Invested and Total Return.

4.  Adjust as Needed:

Based on the insights gained, you can fine-tune your inputs to better align with your preferences.

Tips on financial planning

Set clear financial goals, define realistic objectives

Risk and return, understand the relationship between investment risk and potential returns

Diversify investments, to mitigate risk.

Take advantage of compounded return, to grow investments over time.

Periodic reviews of strategy, to reassess and adjust if necessary.

Maintain an emergency fund, accessible for unforeseen expenses.

Adopt a long-term perspective, for major financial goals.

Seek professional guidance, for tailored advice.

Be mindful of behavioral investmenting, stay focused.

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